Mocktail Drink recipe for Interstitial Cystitis Warriors!

This “Blueberry Refresher” is a drink I created in my own kitchen. If you struggle with overactive bladder or interstitial cystitis symptoms, it is likely you drink water, water, and more… water. Sometimes I crave a drink other than water to quench my thirst. This winter I was hosting multiple dinners at our home and prepping fun, spiced drinks for my husband and our guests that I wish I could share with them. Even with taking alcohol out of the picture, most mocktails contain irritating ingredients. Therefore, I created this blueberry coconut refresher. One of my favorite parts about this drink is it can fit into all seasons. If prepping for a group, you create both a spiked and non-alcoholic version. Many people have never had blueberry juice, so my guests are often intrigued to try it. I’ve enjoyed having a confident, go-to “mocktail” recipe, and I hope you will too!

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