Note to self and reader

Dear Reader (and I say reader vs readers because I’m pretty sure my Dad is the only person who reads this blog lol), 

I started my blog for a few reasons:

1. For patients/clients to get a feel for who I am and what I do before meeting me, or before deciding to meet with me.

2. Because the amount of false nutrition information on the internet is frightening, and I want to provide a place for the public to find reliable, evidence-based nutrition information.

3. I wouldn’t mind being able to earn some income through blogging in the future (lets be honest). 

However, like many other “Type-A” people, I try to do too many things at once, and priorities must be set. My blog and Instagram accounts (are and) have been lower priority than working with patients/my career, graduate school, family, health, home projects, my volunteer work, etc. So what was intended to be fun and meaningful online projects, have mostly been a part of my to-do list that I never get to, and therefore constantly, and I mean constantly, linger in my head and bring feelings of guilt. 

I am currently in graduate school, and fall classes started a couple weeks ago. I only have four classes left and I hope that by this time next year I will have graduated. So, I am giving myself permission to set a personal boundary, and proclaim that my blog plans will be put on hold until after graduation. 

I have a whole list of topics I want to cover, so it’s not to say that I won’t ever post over the next 10 months but it’s more likely that I won’t and that’s okay! 

I would also like to be able to offer a few one-on-one nutrition counseling hours a month for people struggling with interstitial cystitis or recurrent kidney stones. I will let you know if/when that happens! If you are interested in weight management counseling, you can apply TODAY to work with me via Form Health

Please feel free to contact me on Instagram.



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